What!? A bus?

We do love our projects! We’ve just sold our homebuilt teardrop trailer, purchased property with no HOA or county regulations to keep us from playing around on it, and are embarking on a new adventure, converting a 2003 AmTran school bus into an RV.

Lots and lots of questions… Color? Roof raise? Type of toilet? Where to fit everything we think we can’t live without? We’ll get to those as we go along, but…

First lesson? Busses are GROSS! The stuff growing between seats and walls could have any variety of “interesting” origins. It’s probably best not to dwell on that much… but we found around $2 in change along with broken crayons, pencils, hair clips, zipper pulls, cheap metal rings, candy wrappers, popsicle sticks and other vaguely kid related detritus.

Definitely going to be an adventure! Wanna follow along?